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What is this Free Course About?
Hey! My name is Arun Motoori and I have 12 plus years of experience in Software Testing field. I have created this free Selenium Java course so that you can learn Selenium Java from scratch, including Java that is required for learning Selenium for free!

Here's what you are going to get from this course:

  • 35 Selenium Java Sessions from Scratch to the Advanced Level
  • 70 hours of in-depth and indetailed Sessions on Selenium Java
  • All the pre-requisites required for learning Selenium
  • Java Programming knowledge required for learning Selenium
  • Different Framework Concepts and Continuous Integration Tools
Don't spend lot of money in Institutes which don't really teach you the required stuff. This single free course, will build a lot of confidence in you, even though you are new to Selenium or even afraid of Java programming that is required for learning Selenium.

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- Arun Motoori