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What is this Free Course About?

Course Audience :-  Absolute Beginners or people who know bits and pieces of Java, that means you don't need to have any knowledge of Java. You can do a fresh start from here.

Course Content :-

1) Installation
2) Eclipse IDE - Practical Demonstration
3) More Examples for Practicing and Understanding Java
4) Java Required for Automation tools like Selenium and Appium are explained in detail
5) This Tutorial is more organized, practical and solution oriented
6) Interview Questions related to Java
7) Coverage of Java from Basics to Advanced Level
8) Don't Just watch the video but practice them as well

Don't spend lot of money in Institutes which don't really teach you the required stuff. This single free course, will build a lot of confidence in you, even though you are new to Java programming which is required for learning Selenium.

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- Arun Motoori